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Apache Appaloosa Ranch is situated in central Namibia in the Acacia Forrest. Landscape is mainly Camel Thorn and other Acacia trees, Kalahari Red Dunes and open plains. The best way to experience its beauty is on horseback.

This volunteer work offers a wonderful opportunity to work with our Appaloosa Horses and explore the nature of this unique land.

Your duties as a volunteer will involve all aspects of horse care from feeding to grooming, health checks, exercising and training.

The work will include working with some of the young untrained horses to help back them and follow on training to get them ready for trail riding.

You will also be involved in the herding of cattle on horseback, patrolling fences and water points and facilitating the counting of game when required.

You may also be involved in going on rescues to collect the animals and help with their subsequent care and rehabilitation.

Depending on the time of year you are here you will also get the chance to help us with the showing of horses, both in hand and riding classes at various shows around the country.

Accommodation at the Ranch will be a room in the Ranch house with private bathroom and own access.  Depending on numbers of volunteers you may have to share two to a room. Three meals a day will be provided and there is WiFi access.

Experience and Riding Ability.

A genuine love of horses, nature and animals in general are the only requirement. We will tailor your programme to your riding experience level. If you cant ride but would like to we can teach you too.

Apache Appaloosa Ranch Accommodation 1


Apache Appaloosa Ranch Accommodation 2

Game Counting

Apache Appaloosa Ranch Accommodation 3


Fence Patroling




Dirk Wiese


0031 6 575 98 567

Stud Prefix: APACHE 

Membership No.: F10015 

Herd Letters: HZP 

Membership Type: Ordinary 





Martin Wiese


00264 81 227 2378

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